Too big to fail? The republic and its eventual irrelevance.

Is our republic (ie. the United States government) is too big to fail? Too big to exist? (In its current form at least).
Many Americans depend on the Feds in many many ways. This dependence has grown over time. More people depend on federal support programs than any time since the Great Depression. These programs are harder to qualify for as well.
The State does as much to promote poverty as it does to ameliorate its symptoms. It does as much to suppress our liberties as it does to “promote” them elsewhere. Granted, it does help major projects like interstates and uhh…stuff, but many of those are crumbling. There are easier more humane ways to get those things done than handing the keys to power over to the feds. I, for one, think we should find ways to supplant every support and service that the government or any corporation supplies. I think that’s what needs to happen for #OWS to keep going. I don’t think it is really that hard, it will just take time. These things will take time, but they can be done. Money is an abstract concept whereas the power of humans organizing is not.
In solidarity.


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