The scary truth about how marxists and the 1% are the same

(And by the 1% I mean the .1%, the financial industry and true “capitalists” everywhere.)
Marxists and capitalists both operate on the myth that their group of elite is smarter than all the rest of us combined. Both groups kindly offer to take all the hard decision of governance and most types of problem solving out of our hands and put those ideas into the hands of a few well trained experts. The results? Industrial food that is poisoning our bodies, our streams and the Gulf of Mexico. Top that off with the BP-Horizon oil spill. Some other examples? Three Gorges Dam. The 2008 Bailout. Destruction of African economies in favor of “aid charity and a free market!” Another example? The great depression. Need I continue?

It takes an engineers mind to really think that for every  situation there is one correct way to define the problem with one best solution. As an ecologist I’ve been growing into the idea that this type of thinking is what has caused almost every problem on the globe. “There is a problem.” “Let me solve that problem.” “Hey team of 10 really well trained people from the other side of the planet, how can we solve this problem?” It’s like physics. Every problem gets distilled down and context gets excluded. As the joke goes, every problem becomes a spherical chicken in a vacuum. In most cases I can think of where experts get involved, unexpected consequences result. Also, the motives of those creating “solutions” for “problems” should always be questioned. “Don’t worry your pretty little head, just vote for me and I’ll take care of your problem.” “Oh you have X problem? I have this product you can buy to help solve your problem.”

I think this ties into the commonly held idea (I think this is commonly held both on the left and on the right) that someone who would grasp for power is the last person you should give it to. We all like to think we’re smarter than someone else, but imagine for a moment a world where no one assumes they’re smarter than everyone else. Instead imagine everyone assumes everyone should have a say and may have some special bit of personal experience or evidence that can help the group figure out the problem at hand and a collective solution.

Many of us are slowly/abruptly coming to the conclusion that we have a major problem on our hands. Before we talk about the “one correct way to solve that problem,” we should all just agree that I’m a genius and should be elected lead expert next time we all want to solve a problem.

Just kidding! What do you think about the mess we’re in?

Now would be agreeable to me, but I'm interested in your opinion


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