Wake Up.

Hello America! Please stop deluding yourself that we are ever going to see economic growth on par with any growth phase since the industrial revolution. Unlimited economic growth is not possible (at least until we no longer depend on oil). Stop expecting corporations to give you a job and stop supporting them. They don’t want to pay you. They just want you to buy the shit they produce. They will be perfectly happy skimming the fat and never creating a single additional job.
The world is flattening and we need to change the paradigm. At least 9% of us are unemployed, more like 1/3 of us in our 20s. How many more of us work shitty jobs we don’t care about? The mall, fast food, selling Ipods, whatever. If it doesn’t fulfill you, find out what does and start doing it in your spare time. Gradually let your spare time take over your life and you will be happier.
Stop acting like the job-seeker in this video: