Cool graph on balancing carbon budgets

This image is a cool way to visualize strategies to balance carbon budgets. My advisor uses it a lot in presentations to put into perspective where soil carbon sequestration costs fit relative to ‘negative cost’ options & other options such as carbon capture and storage (CCS).

I think soils are on here twice to represent different soil sequestration options: some are cheap (no-till) some are more expensive (rangeland sequestration).

I think that it’s worth speculating why these negative cost options are underutilized.

Insulation improvement are often required after sale. Builders externalize these costs by selling houses & office buildings with rather basic insulation. Cost comparison by buyers end up costing the builder if they try to include energy efficient costs.

Similar is also true for commercial/consumer vehicle manufacturers: buyers don’t behave entirely rationally. They never build up ‘perfect information’ to make informed decisions. I believe Stiglitz talked about this?

There might be better versions available. I think I saw one where there was a large green bar representing clinker substitution in cement manufacturing that could save $50/tonne CO2 offset. Can’t find the citation and it’s late though…

So, that’s all for now. Enjoy the figure.

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