The Cuban Revolution at 50 Years

Just a couple comments and some links to the economist.

Cuba offers the world some interesting lessons I think. Anarchists, socialists and communists never really seem to get along, but I sometimes hope that lessons learned during Cuba’s artificial post-oil organic revolution (that is to say localized food co-ops, incorporating some permacultural lessons versus their soviet-style industrialized intensive agriculture) could breathe new life into politics there. The second link offers a bit of hope to that idea. It seems something all leftists and humans for that matter could share as a positive vision for the future. Local cooperatives with group decision making, profit-sharing (or no profit for that matter) is important to most visions of anarchist society. Seeing these become more common in the longest lasting communist dictatorship is something of a bright spot in a world blighted with increasing centralization, bailouts and buy-outs.

A longer article discussing Cuba:

The shorter article, which suggests localized cooperatives may be gaining traction in Cuba: “He is likely to accelerate steps to decentralise economic decision-making to state companies and co-operatives, and to lease idle state land to private farmers.” –Old order, new oil

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