Liberalism, Conservatism, Anarchism. In 13 words.

To generalize, the principle sentiments of liberalism and conservatism are:

Liberals distrust market solutions to problems.

Conservatives distrust government solutions.

Anarchists distrust both.

Contrary to many anarchists I have known, I tend to try to agree with people and find common ground. So to summarize my viewpoint, anarchists partially agree with both of these groups, though most would be loath to do so. In particular, agreeing with conservatives is particularly taboo among leftist culture, but that’s another story.
Simply put: Anarchists distrust market solutions as well as government solutions preferring instead community processes and structures that do not rely on good being done through hierarchical systems of the state or capitalism.


Cool link for an “Open Source Village” plan

Interesting if over-reaching project to publish plans for an open source village project. via

The Cuban Revolution at 50 Years

Just a couple comments and some links to the economist.

Cuba offers the world some interesting lessons I think. Anarchists, socialists and communists never really seem to get along, but I sometimes hope that lessons learned during Cuba’s artificial post-oil organic revolution (that is to say localized food co-ops, incorporating some permacultural lessons versus their soviet-style industrialized intensive agriculture) could breathe new life into politics there. The second link offers a bit of hope to that idea. It seems something all leftists and humans for that matter could share as a positive vision for the future. Local cooperatives with group decision making, profit-sharing (or no profit for that matter) is important to most visions of anarchist society. Seeing these become more common in the longest lasting communist dictatorship is something of a bright spot in a world blighted with increasing centralization, bailouts and buy-outs.

A longer article discussing Cuba:

The shorter article, which suggests localized cooperatives may be gaining traction in Cuba: “He is likely to accelerate steps to decentralise economic decision-making to state companies and co-operatives, and to lease idle state land to private farmers.” –Old order, new oil

Hello world! And what a sorry state it is in…

I cannot resist the urge any longer to write my own ramblings about the ridiculous times that we are living in. The past few bailouts have been, in my mind, among the best possible representations of why a centralized government can at-best only conjure up simple, well-intentioned, but inefficient and short-sighted pieces of legilation.

Among my other observations, that I thought people might be interested in is the interesting trend mirrored abroad of electorates “rebeling” ie. voting out of office, whoever happens to be in office. This includes conservatives, liberals, socialists, all kinds of poltical ideologies. The main point I’m getting is that, none of it works! No government that is at all engaged in international trade and has any sort of natural interactions with the rest of the world really seems to be dealing with these times very well. People are clutching at straws. What to do? I don’t have a real answer, but I guess that’s why I’m starting this blog. I’m hoping to share, as best as I can, my ideas on how in hell we could ever get out of this mess, and what a different world might look like.

So, here it is, rip away.